Need help? Contact us at support@3dgspot.com.
Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours to respond.

1I am a webmaster and I am interested in purchasing your content.
Please contact us at support@3dgspot.com with your request and we will work with you personally.
2I don’t want this showing up on my bill is there anything I can do?
Yes. You can use a prepaid card. Epoch takes prepaid credit cards.
3I am a member but I cannot find the full videos and downloadable games.
Make sure you are successfully logged into the site first. Click on the 3 line icon at top right of site.
Click on Toons+ or Games+ or ClickFlick+ button.
There you can find the fully accessible Toons, Games and ClickFlicks.
4How do I cancel my membership?
Since you are not paying us directly, you will have to cancel through the billing company https://epoch.com/
. Emailing us cannot and will not cancel your membership and we cannot be held liable for failure to cancel your account.
In case you need assistance finding the correct website, see below. https://epoch.com/
5When will your next Toon, Game or ClickFlick come out?
We are always working on at least 1 project at all times. Most times we have at least 3 in the queue at various stages of production.
6I would love to work with you, are you hiring?
At the current resources we are unlikely to bring in full time employees BUT we do use contractors. We mostly need 3D Modelers (Character , Environment, Props) , Texture Artists, Animators, and FX artists. We use Maya as our primary package with other products thrown in here or there when needed.
We're also always looking for great voice actors. Contact us at support@3dgspot.com