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Duchess Cart Sex

2/17 - Added another update to Duchess.  Added a sex scene to the Cart stage.  We're skipping doing the bed scene we had originally thought of and going to the ending scene for this first episode. 

Hope y'all are liking this so far.  Almost finished!!

Projects in the pipeline

Hello all you awesome members.  Thank you again for all your support.  We're almost done with the first chapter of Duchess.  We will be updating soon.  We are doing a bunch of VR and PC/MAC versions of the Poor Dick and Meanne series.  Here's a list of what's coming:

  • Duchess of Blanca Sirena chapter 1
  • Turban of Power
  • Uncaged Heat
  • Poor Dick VR/PC/MAC/Mobile Teasing Dick
  • Poor Dick VR/PC/MAC/Mobile Counting Dick
  • Poor Dick VR/PC/MAC/Mobile Story Time with Dick
  • Meanne VR/PC/MAC/Mobile Jungle Heat
  • Get it Off
Duchess of Blanca Sirena Shots

For those of you who haven't tried Duchess of Blanca Sirena, take a look at some screen shots from the game in the SHOT OF DAY section in our GALLERY.

Duchess update with the Cart Stage

Added a new "cart stage".  Watch as Muzette gives Lord Blaine a BJ whilest on a service cart.

Update to Turban Coming Soon

Render update coming soon for Turban of Power.  Almost done with the flipping scene

Poor Dick Interactives

We are recreating the Poor Dick shows into PC/Mac and VR.  Here is a shot of Portentia's living room.  They've upgraded since last we saw it.  You'll be able to re-live the scenes as Poor ol' Dick, and feel his pain(pleasure).  We'll be working on this after the first installment of Duchess is complete.

Duchess Update

Another update to Duchess!  Added a licking scene in the library section.  Download it for PC or MAC!

Duchess Library Update

Updated Duchess with a new library scene!!  Happy holidays everyone!!  Thanks for all the support all these years!!!

Duchess New Update!

Update to Duchess!  Download the game for PC or MAC.  Added another position with the choice of speed and between pussy and anal!

Andrea VR

Enter the Cradle and stand where Doppelganger began as well as watch Andrea000 do "maintenance" on herself. Available for download on PC for Oculus VR.