3DGSpot Animations
Stroker Doppelganger v 0.93 now up!

Ok almost done with Stroker Doppelganger.  Just gotta do some tweaking, sounds and music!  Thank you for your support.  We love making stuff for you.


Stroker Doppelganger version .90 ready!

Got some more animations installed.  Some crazy transitions and moves that are classic Andrea000!  Almost done!  Got some small stuff to add then audio/sfx/ music.  Next is the mobile version but coming next are Stroker Bamboo and 3dgspot Blackjack.  This blackjack game is not even close to the old ones we made.  Being a member you'll get everything as we make them.

Thank you for your support!

Stroker Doppelganger version 0.87

Almost there!  Got some more animations and setting up for the finishing this soon!  

Thanks for your support!  Really really !!! Thank you!  You make us keep going.


3dgspot crew

Stroker Doppelganger v0.86!

Version 0.86 now available for members!  Reflections and more animations.  Check it out!

Stroker Ghost Humper Returns Bug Fixed

Found and fixed a bug in Stroker Ghosthumper Returns.  Members please download again and if you bought the PC or MaC game please download it again at the 3dgspot Strore.

We're going through some tough times and we truly thank all our supporters.  We will continue bringing you more!  A new Blackjack game, Stroker "Bamboo" and more coming soon.

Stroker Dop version 0.8

The cameras are placed but not final.  Next will be the iconic "domination" animations.  This is the fun stuff to animate.

Also, Stroker Ghosthumper and Counting Dick for mobile will be available soon in our store!

Thanks for your support.  Got so much fun stuff coming up along with a new website very soon.

Stroker Dop version 0.7

Stroker Doppelganger version 0.7 now ready for members.  Added another position.  Still working on finalizing all the animations and adding a pussy tractor beam next.  

Stroker Dop version 0.6

Hello Dear Members!  Stroker Dop version 0.6 now ready.

Added camera rotate and zoom.  Use your middle mouse button to zoom.

Still missing another sex position and a third camera for each position.  We are trying to finish this by the end of this month.

Stroker Dop version 0.5

Version 0.5 of Stroker Doppelganger is ready!  Still working on the animations but more next week.  Now you can change from Male to Shemale.  Enjoy!

Site redesign on the way

We're revamping the site and here's a look at the new design!