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Portentia and Uncle Dick stars in another of Poor Dick titled "Wresling Dick."

Here are some shots of Portentia while creating her new wrestling outfit and porting her to be rendered in Unreal 5.  The first one was a normal render through a 3d program.  The second one was an older Unreal and the last is Unreal 5.  It’s still not done but this is being animated and we’re trying to get this done by end of next month, September.

Overall Progress

Update 2:  We’re doing the last shot of the intro, adding the bleacher audience and the sex scenes now.

This is the really fun part.  Animating the sex scenes.

Come back for more and thanks so much for your support.

Update 1:  Almost done with the intro animation.

Wrestling Dick is scheduled to be finished by end of September.  Check back for more updates.  

As this toon becomes closer to finish it will only be available for premium members.

Thanks so much for your support.

This was the original animatic (animated storyboard) we were going to follow but we decided to make it much more fun, quicker and to bring out more of Portentia’s crazyness.

We’ll be posting more updates soon and thanks so much for your support. 

Blackjack pics and animations

While we're creating new games check out these pics and animations from our older line of Blackjack games. These games were flash games that can't be played anymore.

More Groaners Added

More Groaners to groan at.


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Charlotte and Sable visit a renowned psychic.  They get much more than they bargained for.

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Meanne pounces on two unsuspecting reserve guardians.  She devours them whole.