3DGSpot Animations


How do I join to see the full videos?

You must be a member of 3dgspot.com to see the full videos.  Please click on JOIN or UPGRADE and sign up with Epoch.com.  After you can enjoy the full length videos of 3dgspot.com

I forgot my username and password.  What do I do?

Email our tech support at support@3dgspot.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

How do I change credit cards or cancel my membership?

Since you are not paying us directly, all credit card changes/updates and/or cancellations must go through www.epoch.com.

The 3dgspot crew cannot cancel your membership for you.

In case you need assistance, see below. https://epoch.com/billingsupport

I am a webmaster and interested in 3dgspot.com.

Please email us at talk@3dgspot.com with your request and we will work with you personally

I don’t want this showing up on my bill is there anything I can do?

I am a member but I cannot see the videos.

First make sure you have the appropriate web video player, Flash.

Windows version follow link below:


For all other versions follow link below:


If after you installed the video player you are still having difficulties please restart your browser and computer. This process should be able to eliminate most viewing problems.

Another good idea is to “reload” the page you are in to force the page to refresh.

I am a member but I cannot view and play the 3d Fun games?

You must have both the Flash Player (follow link above) and also the Unity player:


Where can I download the videos?

We do not offer our videos to be downloaded but as a member you can watch them streaming anywhere you have a connection.  You can also purchase some videos at  www.affect3d.com

Do the videos work on Mobile Devices or Apple products like the Iphone or Ipad?

Yes we have finally resolved all our issues to make sure the videos work on Apple devices. Only the unfinished “in progress” videos do not work. However obviously these videos are large and depending on your service speed they may not always play perfectly smoothly on your mobile device. But we have Ipads and they work for us, and smoothly so it is not the videos.

When will your next video come out?

We are always working on at least 1 video at all times. Most times we have at least 3 in the queue at various stages of production. Average length videos take about 3-4 months to complete. So that should give you an idea of when the next one will come out when compared to the last one.

We are always striving to update our videos and 3d fun products but these take an enormous amount of time to create so nagging us to go faster will be ignored and filed in the trash bin.  BUT we are always trying the latest processes to speed production up.

I would love to work with you, are you hiring?

At the current resources we are unlikely to bring in full time employees BUT we do use contractors now and again who work from home. We mostly need 3D Modelers (Character , Environment, Props) , Texture Artists, Animators, and FX artists.

Although we cannot promise anything, if you are interested in being on our list of “go to” people, you can send your resume and reel/portfolio to us at talk@3dgspot.com Note: If you do not have a portfolio/reel either in website or video link format we will not likely even look at your resume.