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Full Name: Ariel Alexandra Hugetits (It's pronounced Hue Je Ti!! It is French after all!!)
Nickname: The Ghost Humper
Known Aliases:: None Known
Birthdate: January 7th
Age: 19
Horoscope Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 125 lbs (Mostly in her... well, Duh!)
Hair Color: Currently a dyed Blue (Varies with her mood)
Eye Color: Green (A dark sea green.)
Measurements: 32G, 24, 30
Blood Type: B
Sign: Capricorn
Relationship Status: Single Never Married (Although she has recently developed an interesting 'open' relationship with F.U. Star Quarterback Jake Jackhammer.)
Family: Mother, Father, Older cousin, Younger Cousin
Father: Jacques Hugetits a.k.a Jack Hughes (Present whereabouts unknown.)
Mother: Cindy Davenport Hugetits (Recently Deceased)
Older Cousin: Mrs. Doe
Younger Cousin: Charlotte Davenport
SOCIAL BACKGROUND:: Mostly middle class. Ariel's father was an actor/stuntamn in a number of low budget B grade films until he split to pursue his career in Europe. Which left Ariel to be raised by a hard working single mom who taught her the value of hard work and self sufficiency.
•: Undergraduate Student (Freshman) at F. U. (Major Undetermined)Cheerleading for the Raging Pussies.
•: Cheerleading for the Raging Pussies.
•: Video Journalist for The Ghost Thumper web blog.
•: Head Asst. Manager at The Pickle on a Stick.
PERSONALITY: Although she strives to project a strong and confident persona like her older cousin Mrs. Doe whom she idolizes Ariel suffers from low self-esteem and abandonment issues which stems from her father walking out on her and her mother when she was in the 5th grade. Her insecurities were further compounded by a repressive grandmother who tried to convince Ariel that her early blossoming body was something to be ashamed of and would only causes her grief and heartache just as her mother Cindy's beauty and voluptuous figure had done to her.
•: Though she won't admit it, Teddy Bears, Romantic novels, Unicorns, Dolphins and other 'girlie kid stuff'.
•: Anything dealing with the Supernatural.
•: Tinkering with all sorts of gadgets - which she isn't good at.
•: Solving puzzles - which she is good at.
•: BUGS! ANY KIND OF BUGS!!! (But not snakes! They eat bugs!)
•: People who think her last name is so funny that they wont say it correctly.
Sexual Tit-bits: (Err, We Meant Tid-bits!!):
•: Being on camera.
•: Flattery (Provided it isn't centered only at her chest.)
•: Guys who like to take control and give instructions like a movie director
•: After-hours Nude Yoga sessions at Flexibell's!!!
•: Strong father figures.
•: Really, really scary movies!
•: And for some weird reason that she can't explain the smell of peanut butter.
•: Creepy guys! (Especially the ones who talk directly at her breasts.)
•: People who think the 'supernatural' is a bunch of 'silly hoo-haw"!!!
FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE:: To this Ariel is not really sure. Does humping her Teddy Bear, the bath faucet, the bed post, and getting the dog to lick off some 'accidentally spilled' peanut butter count?" Or should she list it as the time Jake just happened to 'mistakenly' wander into the girl's locker room shower while he was eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich???
FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION: At the moment it is The Rocking Horse and The Butterfly. (But then she and Jake still has two thirds of the Kama Sutra to read!)
Special Skills & Life Goals:
•: The ability to convince her teachers (male and female) to give her extra credit!
•: Holding her breath for unusually long periods of time. (Something to do with lung capacity???)
•: Editing her own videos.
•: Every position in the Kama Sutra that she and Jake haven't tried yet!
•: Become the cream filled center of a Jackhammer Sandwich!
LIFE GOALS:: Become either:
•: A Video Journalist
•: A Paranormal Researcher
•: A Marine Biologist (It's those damned cute dolphins!)
•: Or at the very least a Famous Celebrity!
BEST KNOWN QUOTE:: Would you like to dip your pickle in my special sauce sir?" (At least it's what every guy loves to hear when Ariel's working the counter at Pickle on a Stick.)

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