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Cheerleader and student at TNA University, Charlotte is the adorable and bratty little sister of Mrs. Doe.
Name: Charlotte Davenport
Nickname: Ballbuster, The Green-eyed Monster
Aliases: squiggly tails
Gender: Female
Birthdate: Feb, 14th. (Yes Valentines Day, who says the fates don’t have a sense of humor?)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Measurements: 32F - 25 - 34
Blood Type: AB
Relationship Status: Currently single though there is a long string of guys who mistakenly think they are Charlotte's current boyfriend.
Family: Father deceased. Mother and Stepfather divorced. (Currently living with stepfather) Older sister Mrs. Doe
Occupation: Student at TNA University
Personality: Manipulative! Though Charlotte can be very charming when she wants something.
Social Background: Comes from a very wealthy family
Likes: Being in control, Being pampered, Being the center of attention, Digital Photography (None of those old yucky chemicals!)
Dislikes: Being told NO! Especially dislikes that no one ever seems to say, "NO!", to her older sister!
First Sexual Experience: Affair with her Social Studies teacher when she was 14 for grades.
Favorite Sex Position: On Top of course!
Turn Ons: Owning stuff without having to pay for it. Outdoing her sister at anything.
Turn Offs: "Do-Gooders", Charities and Guys who think that sex doesn't come with a price.
Wants To Try: Try and break-up her sister's RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY marriage!
Life Goals: To be the one in charge! Duh!
Special Skills: Long distance and night photography. Faking Sincerity.
Favorite Quote: hee hee!!