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Andrea VR

Enter the Cradle and stand where Doppelganger began as well as watch Andrea000 do "maintenance" on herself. Available for download on PC for Oculus VR.

Duchess update

Play the updated version of Duchess of Blanca Sirena.  We've added a new strip scene.  More positions to come soon!  Available for PC and MAC.

Get It Off VR Beta coming soon!

Still working on the first stage which is the Raging Pussies Locker Room.  You will get a chance to do missions, explore(a bit) or just watch as the girls do their own thing.  Each girl will have at least 3 misisons.  Members will get updates every month(hoping to do try to do 2 updates a month) and once a chapter is done non-members will be able to buy the game but without the extra stuff that members get such as extra sex scenes or missions, extra textures, etc.


Duchess of Blanca Sirena

The first part of episode one is now available.  Download the game for PC or MAC and watch the intro and play the first sex position.  Members please go to the Duchess page to find the access link at the bottom right of the page.  Next update on November 3, 2017.

Skyjacked: Absolution Done!

With everyone's support Skyjacked: Absolution is finally done.  Moving onto Uncaged Heat.

In a few days the first ClickFlick called "Duchess of Blanca Sirena" will be available.... We are extremely excited about this one!

Upcoming Update

We're putting up another update to Turban of Power this Saturday.  Also we're adding a download section soon to be able to play the first part of Ducess on your computer.  It will be playable for PC and Mac next week.

Duchess of Blanca Sirena

Here is a first look at Muzette in "Duchess of Blanca Sirena" in the Unity game engine.  This will be a multi-part story line where you'll meet many characters and follow Muzette on her epic journey.  This will be an interactive story with lots of drama and sex.  You will get to choose different areas and different positions.  You'll get to choose the speed, pussy or anal, oral and when to orgasm.  This will be available for members for PC or MAC by early September.


Hi everyone.  Unity's web player doesn't work on certain browsers anymore and seems won't be supported anymore. 

The games do seem to work on Safari or Internet Explorer 11

So please use these browsers to play the 3D games in the 3D fun section.

Counting Dick Poster
Mrs Doe at Dildo Depot App finished!

The game is done and available soon at Mikandi.com.  This app will also be available at our new store coming very soon.  So close to finishing up the new website.  Just doing some tests and tests and tests.

Thanks for everyone's support!

Wordbinder X is just around the corner too.