3DGSpot Animations
Ghost Humper Poster

Had a little fun giving a little of old school horror movie poster style.  

Jungle Heat Poster
Doppelganger Alpha Poster
Doppelganger Zero poster wide.

The new website will launch very soon.  In the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Doppelganger Zero Poster

Getting some movie posters done.  Here is Dop Zero's.

Duchess of Blanca Sirena

Here is a shot of the Manor. We've got it working inside of the game engine and we'll be putting the game together soon. We're making this a multi-part story titled "Duchess of Blanca Sirena", starring Muzette and Lord Blaine.

Uncaged preview render

A quick update render for light and gamma testing for Meanne in Uncaged Heat.  

Turban of Power pics
Get it Off finally ON!

Finally right?!  Get it off is finally in production.  The girls are at war!

Turbie - First Look

“Turbie” of Turban of Power.  She’s our little genie that has a tendency of starting trouble for Sam, the new owner of the Turban of Power.  She's only 12 inches tall but imagine the possibilities!  Keep coming back for Turban of Power!!!