Afterloot First Looks

Afterloot first look

Come check out a few production shots we can show.

Coming soon is "Afterloot". Introducing Kellian and D'Tiari as they take a break while dungeon delving and divide their loot the Afterloot way.

Kellian, heir to the most powerful pirate clan of the Sea of Fallen stars and D'Tiari, heir to a neuveau riche and upcoming Moon Elf kingdom were suddenly betrothed by their parents. Although the marriage may reap both parties enormous wealth and influence, the parents still felt shitty about forcing their kids to marry. So to encourage actual feelings of love for each other they magnanimously forced Kellian and D'Tiari one year to travel and become strong together. If after one year they still don't jive with each other, then they may choose to break the engagement.
Unlike most stories of initial strife these two immediately fell in lust with each other, but will their feelings of lust turn into commitment and love?

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