3DGSpot Animations
Mrs Doe at Dildo Depot

Come play with Mrs. Doe in Dildo Depot.  This version has all new menus and all new sounds.  Check it out!!!

Please use Firefox browser in order to play. (Uses Unity Game Engine)


D'Tiara laying wasted to some dungeon montsters.

Cute little Charlotte

She's not so little where it counts.  We meant her heart... her heart!  Well this is an adult site so you're right... her boobs!

Tao Chun tsunami kick!

Tao Chun practicing her water style "Tsunami Kick".  Have some fun and check her out in Pole vs. Cudgel.

Get It Off voting

This starts out as a heated yet simple cross town college rivalry turned World War 3.  "Get it Off" will have all 6 Cheer warriors (Lara, Keena, Ariel, Charlotte, Portentia and Sable) clash using their bodies.  After their first battle all of you will get to vote who won against who!  Then we will make offshoot movies from your votes.  You'll see how super-powered these girls really are.  Keena vs. Portentia, Lara vs. Charlotte and Ariel vs. Sable.  We promise it to be "epic".

Turban of Power Update

Look for Turban of Power starting next week.  This is the first movie of Charlotte, Sable and introducing Sam, the Esper Hero.

This will also be the first movie rendered at 1080p.

Doppelganger Alpha Animation Finished

Its been a long time coming but Doppelganger Alpha's animation is finally finished.  We have two sections to render, audio to add, and this sucker will finally be finished.  Thanks to all our members and Patrons for all your support!

Princess Pictorial

Check out Princess posing to try and sell some fridges!  See her pictorial in the shots section.  Also get a wallpaper for your screen in the Wallpapers section!!

Doppelganger Alpha almost done!

Plans for Doppelganger Beta already on the way!

Muzette Sneak peek

In Development is the next Stroker;  Muzette.

Also working to create Zuzu@Stroker in VR and Vstroker mode.