3DGSpot Animations
Doppelganger Alpha Animation Finished

Its been a long time coming but Doppelganger Alpha's animation is finally finished.  We have two sections to render, audio to add, and this sucker will finally be finished.  Thanks to all our members and Patrons for all your support!

Princess Pictorial

Check out Princess posing to try and sell some fridges!  See her pictorial in the shots section.  Also get a wallpaper for your screen in the Wallpapers section!!

Doppelganger Alpha almost done!

Plans for Doppelganger Beta already on the way!

Muzette Sneak peek

In Development is the next Stroker;  Muzette.

Also working to create Zuzu@Stroker in VR and Vstroker mode.

GIO coming this fall!
Sneak peak on Doppelganger Beta

Commander Tiegs.  Took 4 years but finally starting on this Full Time!  Please help us by reporting pirated 3dgspot.com videos and websites to us or the website's carrier.  Only Affect3d.com and Mikandi.com are allowed to show our videos and products at the moment.  Thank you!!!!!!

Charlotte Pictorial

Check out seven new shots of Charlotte in the "Shot of the Day" section.  Also a new wallpaper of her in 3 image sizes are available in the "Wallpapers" section.


Thanks everyone!


Stroker@Zuzu is available now on Mikandi.  You can find it here:


The game is for Android devices.

Doppelganger update next week

Adding more to episode one, with tractor beams and whips galore.

Playing 3d Fun Games

Hi everyone!

Some of our games in the 3d Fun section are running with the Unity game engine.  Currently, the only browser we are aware of that the games are working is in FIREFOX.  These games will need the FIREFOX browser:

Cram Skul Threesome

Dildo Depot Doe

Zuzu Stroker




Thanks Everyone!!