3DGSpot Animations
Uncaged preview render

A quick update render for light and gamma testing for Meanne in Uncaged Heat.  

Turban of Power pics
Get it Off finally ON!

Finally right?!  Get it off is finally in production.  The girls are at war!

Turbie - First Look

“Turbie” of Turban of Power.  She’s our little genie that has a tendency of starting trouble for Sam, the new owner of the Turban of Power.  She's only 12 inches tall but imagine the possibilities!  Keep coming back for Turban of Power!!!

Wordbinder X Zuzu Edition coming soon!

After this Wordbinder X Zuzu edition will be Wordbinder X Portentia!  We plan to also do versions for Andrea000, Ariel, Muzette, Kumiko and Mrs. Doe.

Princess and The Bandit complete!

The mysterious "Bandit" slips into a house to steal some merry presents but unbeknownst to him a Depot employee lurks nearby.  Princess, the Depot's number one sales manager is house sitting through the holidays.  Her sleepwalking habit mixed in with the excitement of holidays has turned into "sleepfucking". 

We really like "Bandit" and we'll probably make him a recurring character that is dutyfully trying to steal his way to riches.  Unfortunately and yet, fortunately, he is always side tracked.

Tell us scenarios FB for our other characters and we'll be happy to consider them.

Skyjacked Absolution Poster

Thanks to our wonderful members and especially to the peeps that helped us adjust the name in Facebook, here is the new Skyjacked:  Asolution poster.

Still rendering out the hair and last scene but almost done.  Hair takes a long time to do, unfortunately.

Behind the scenes...

Being behind has many benefits.  Don't you just want to dive into them?

New Facebook page

Please check out our new business FB page and please help spread the word!  


Thanks everyone for your support!  Next year we'll have a new website and store!

Princess and the Bandit

Coming this Christmas!  Made a bit of a change to this upcoming movie.  Now called Princess and the Bandit!